Course curriculum

  • 1

    Families are unique and every family is valid.

  • 2

    A family is a family is a family by Sara O'leary Illustrated by Qin Leng

    • Read aloud time about the many different families that exist & matter!

  • 3

    Practice sketching your family

    • Learn how to draw body structure and facial features

  • 4

    Final Sketch!

    • Take time sketch the outline of your family on watercolour paper

  • 5

    First layer of watercolour paint

    • How to add a layer of watercolour paint

  • 6

    Paper Collage

    • How to add clothes with origami paper

  • 7

    Shading with pencil crayons

    • How to add facial features

  • 8

    Have courage to share your art

    • Your family is a gift and so is your art!